Sunday, December 27, 2020

Thing sketch cards, part 10

I've got five-ish more Thing sketch cards from my collection to show. Let's see them! LET'S SEE THEM RIGHT NOW!

Corbett Vanoni - Let's start out with this mean-looking headshot from artist Carbett Vanoni. It comes on a  2008 Marvel Masterpieces sketch card, the second in my collection. Wh...what are you looking at, Ben?

Here's the back of the card, which also has a nice shot of the Fantastic Four in their hero poses. This definitely adds something to the card.

Rich Molinelli - This next card comes sealed and graded, which is how I bought it. Apparently it's a 10? That probably means that the Thing is a 10/10 character, to which I heartily agree. This card, with full-frame color art by Rich Molinelli, is from the 2011 Marvel Universe line.

Here's the back!

J. Whitlock - This big-eyed, contemplative Thing is on a card bought straight from the artist, and it looks like it was completed in colored pencil on a hand-cut stock. The use of red to complement the orange and yellow is nice. This is a different sketch but I like it.

The artist also included this Hulk card with my order. I guess he wanted to send the Thing and someone the Thing could beat up.

Kelly M. Powers - Okay, I love when sketch cards have the blue trim/bleed lines on them, as if they were tiny sheets of comic art board. This one was drawn in 2011 on Atomic-brand sketch cards, and that's a classic Kirby-style big-digit Thing hand.

Cameron M. Clark - Lastly, here's one that I just got, bringing my Thing sketch card running total to 50. It's by Cameron Clark on a self-cut brown stock drawn in what I suspect to be marker. It's one of the few full-figure Thing sketches I've got! Love those blue trunks.

That's all for now. Thanks for checking out my Thing cards!

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