Sunday, December 31, 2023

The Illustrated Al is nominated for an Eisner and wins a 'Ringo! award!

As 2023 winds down, let's look back at my best comic memory of the year:

The Illustrated Al: The Songs of "Weird Al" Yankovic was nominated for an Eisner award! By default, I demand that everyone recognize that I was also nominated for an Eisner! I will not be taking any questions. Also in 2023, The Illustrated Al won a 'Ringo! Award! I am a 2023 'Ringo! Award winner! I WILL NOT BE TAKING QUESTIONS.

Okay, The Illustrated Al is an anthology. A lot of talented creators worked on the book. But I was one of those creators, and I'm counting this is as a win in my book.

In July, I attended the Eisner Awards at the San Diego Comic-Con for the first time. This is what I took away from it:

It is very fancy.

People dressed up. People gave speeches. They sat at fancy tables and took home trophies.

I sat closer to the back. The ceremony lasted close to three hours. The presenters pronounced the book "The Illustrated A.I." I took home a program!

The program got bent all to hell on my trip home, but I'll still keep it forever. It's listed in the program! The Nib ended up winning the award, but I still had a fun time and was excited to attend and to have some of my work nominated.

Later on in the year, the anthology was nominated again, this time for best humor comic, and this won!

Z2 Comics, the book's publisher, held a special signing for the book at their booth at the New York Comic Con, where I got to not only feel very privileged, signing books for fans, but I also got to see the award in person. This was a big deal for me! Here I am with Josh Bernstein, the book's editor.

Some of the creators of the book took a group shot and I decided to kneel down for it even though Bill Plympton is, like, 6'6".

This was my best comic experience in 2023. I will not be taking any questions.