Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sites you should be viewing: "Hey Oscar Wilde! It's Clobberin' Time!!!"

How this slipped from my attention for so long will forever remain a mystery - a website that combines some of my favorite literary authors and creations, comic book artists, and the Thing belongs on everyone's website viewing list from now until the end of time.  It's "Hey Oscar Wilde, It's Clobberin' Time!", and it's better than you could imagine.  For instance, the above and two below pictures are just a few of the rotating frontispiece images, each featuring Oscar Wilde and the ever lovin', blue-eyed Thing.  Why the author of this site chose these two figures, I'll never know.

Interestingly enough, the Thing doesn't appear in the body of the site, which collects images from artists (mostly comic book artists) of their favorite author or literary character.  It's easy to lose time searching the extremely impressive sketchbook-like catalogue that's on display here.  If you've got a favorite classical (and in some cases, modern) work of literature, chances are it's represented in some way on this site.  For instance we have a nice representation of some of my favorites, including...

...Sherlock Holmes...

...Ernest Hemingway...

...and Don Quixote!

What a collection.  Unfortunately, it seems to me that the site hasn't been updated since 2010.  Still, there are hundreds of images to search through, and I have to hope that more will arrive at some point.  For now, though, head over to http://heyoscarwilde.com and look through all the site has to offer!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Comic-Con exclusive Tick! IDW signing! Happenings!

So guess what I've spent the last month doing?  Trying to prepare for the San Diego Comic-Con that's coming up in just over a week.  How am I doing?  Okay, I guess...but boy, I've got lots more to catch up on.  We'll see how it goes.  In the meantime, let me announce two very cool items of news!

ITEM 1: There'll be a brand new issue of The Tick out at Comic-Con from Duane Redhead and me.  This issue is exclusive to Comic-Con and features two covers and a pinup section with art by Gabe Crate, Kerri Parker, Bob Polio and (get this) Ben Edlund!  I'm really looking forward to seeing this issue in print.  It'll be available at the New England Comics booth.

I'm also suuuuuper excited that this issue will come with the first ever Tick blank sketch cover!  This is what it'll look like.  The Comic-Con logo on these images has "2014" stamped on it, but that's just a placeholder - the actual books will have the correct date on 'em.

ITEM 2: I managed to talk my way into a signing for Imaginary Drugs at the IDW booth on Sunday from 3:00-4:00!  This is a big deal as IDW has one of the most prominent booths at the show.  Joining me at the signing will be Eric Esquivel, Ally Cat and Alexis Ziritt!

As always, if you are going to the show, stop by and say hello!  If not, rest assured that I will post an overabundance of pictures after everything is said and done.

Back to work for me.