Publications and Credits

Here you'll find a (relatively comprehensive and up-to-date) list of my comic book and comic-related publications, alphabetized by publisher. If the title is available to order online, you can find it at my online store, or I'll provide another link to a third-party site.

Action Lab 

World Front #s 1-3 - I lettered the main story in each issue, and also published "The Naked Man at the Edge of Time" as a backup story in this ComiXology-distributed title, which I wrote and lettered.

Altered Reality Entertainment

New England Tales of Terror - contributing author and letterer
Argonauts - letterer
Little Rhodie - letterer
Rhode Warrior 2018 Special - letterer
Altered Reality Origins: Ms. Marauder - letterer

Dark Horse Comics

The Flutter Collection - original series editor and letterer (individual volumes were published with 215 ink)
Strip Search - contributing author (this was my first publication!)

DC Conspiracy

Magic Bullet issues 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 11, 16

Dead Reckoning Press

Smedley - letterer


FUBAR is a popular historical zombie series that landed on the New York Times bestseller list. It allowed me to cut my teeth as not only a writer, but also as an editor and letterer. I wrote for all of the series listed below with the exception of Mother Russia, for which I served as an editor.

All-Star FUBAR
FUBAR: All the King's Corpses
FUBAR: American History Z
FUBAR: Better Dead than Red
FUBAR: By the Sword
FUBAR: Declassified
FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead
FUBAR: European Theater of the Damned
FUBAR: Free Comic Book Day Special 2013-14
FUBAR: Guts and Glory
FUBAR: Summer Special
FUBAR: War of the Roses
FUBAR: Winter Special
Mother Russia


Hawken #6 - I published a short backup tale at the end of this issue, which I wrote and lettered
Imaginary Drugs - contributing author, letterer, assistant editor

Image Comics

Son of Hitler - letterer


Sister Powers #s 1-3

New England Comics

I've written The Tick series for New England Comics since 2013, including the following titles:

The Tick Free Comic Book Day Special 2013-20
The Tick Local Comic Shop Day Special 2016
The Tick New Series #s 1-4 (I published backup stories in each issue of this 2018 series)
The Tick New York Comic Con Special 2018-19
The Tick Rhode Island Comicon Special 2017, '19
The Tick San Diego Comic-Con Special 2014-19

Viper Comics

Josh Howard Presents: Sasquatch - contributing author (in a story that featured the first appearance of Teddy and the Yeti!)

Wagon Wheel Comics

Wagon Wheel Comics is my self-publishing imprint, which basically means that I'm in charge of what comes out and how it looks. I use WWC exclusively for books and ideas that I own or co-own.

Black Terror: Wednesday at the Diner
Black Terror: Social Insecurity
Honcho, vol. 1 - Honcho is a self-published endeavor that never had an official publisher; co-creator Jeff McComsey and I are still looking to place this title at an outside publisher.
The Naked Man at the Edge of Time
Teddy and the Yeti #s 1-4
Teddy and the Yeti: Big Problems, Big Solutions

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