Thursday, January 28, 2010

Teddy and the Yeti on Comic Book DB and Collectorz Comic Database!

Sometimes it's fun to watch and see other people mentioning Teddy and the Yeti or listing the book on new release forms without any input from me.  Other times, dammit, I have to mention it myself.  I thought about pretending that I wasn't the one who made the submissions/updates, but what the heck.  I hold the smoking gun.

Teddy and the Yeti is now listed on the catalogue site Comic Book DB and on the organizing software from the Collectorz company!  The Comic Book DB site post thumbnail covers, story synopses, and character and creator information for tons of comics, and now they have listings for issues 1 and 2, along with the New Dimension Comics version of #1.

Collectorz picked up on this info and uploaded it to their database, and the cover to issue #1 was used on their page that lists the daily updates for the software for January 27th.  They've uploaded the three issues to their own page as well!  I've used their database before, and it's pretty sophisticated.  It's a handy tool when you're looking to organize a gigantic collection - all you do is enter the title, select the issue number, and all of the other relevant info (even the stuff you really don't need to know) including a cover scan uploads right along with it.  I'd probably purchase it myself, but they don't yet have a version that works on a Mac...which causes me to scratch me head, because Macs are awesome.

I've also updated the main website a bit, with a preview of issue #2 (including a the first look at the final cover) and a few other minor things.  Just a few more weeks until the second issue is out!

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