Thursday, January 3, 2019

Pictures from the 2018 Comic-Con International, part 8 (Sunday, 7/22)

Comic-Con! Sunday! Lets go!

The DC booth often features displays of costumes from current and upcoming adaptations. I don't often get to see them because there's almost always a crowd during the show, they're set up in the middle of the booth area, and I'm (um) afraid to wander in there before the show opens up. But hey! Here's Zach Levi's Captain Marvel costume!

Here's another Batman who Laughs! The Batman who Laughs is a weird character with lots of belts. That is all.

Wait'll this guy sees the concession stand prices.

I saw Lesley Vamos! What a lovely person!

Here's David Ross, AKA Cowboy Santa Tick, as Iron Fist!

This is maybe the fourth time I've seen Matt and John Yuan as I've walked through the convention hall. They're both very nice and they're very forgiving of the fact that I bring up their roles on Arrested Development every time I see them.

Have you seen The Orville? It's pretty much Star Trek Lite, but I think I like it. These are good costumes.

This is a meme, right? It's a meme.

Is this a gender-reversed Peter Pan thing, or are both of these people dressed as Tinker Bell? I thought the wings were especially nice.

I think this was from my "rush around and take pictures of everyone in costume" part of the day.

It's easy to focus on this very-nicely-done adult and kid Gamora, but also don't forget to spot the guy in the unicorn costume talking with Stan Sakai in the background.

I got to talk for a bit with Dave Garcia, Tick artist and apparent Buffalo Bill reenactment model! Dave's a really great guy and I'd love to write a Tick story for him to draw some day.

Robin is also a Very Serious Person.

The glowing mace is a nice touch.

This is dang movie quality. Maybe it doesn't stand out as much as some of the more elaborate costumes, but this is one incredible Dr. Zaius costume. The mask is incredible! And when he talked, his mouth moved! I loved this.

Every year, 5:00 on Sunday brings the end of the show, and a frenzy of the teardown process. Everyone is always anxious to pack up and go, but I think it's nice to take a second and appreciate Comic-Con for the great opportunities it provides fans and creators alike.

I walked by as the staff was apparently taking their end-of-show picture, this one in front of the Deadpool animatronic booth.

If you cut Deadpool in half at the waist, what would happen? Would his top part just grow new legs, or would both halves regenerate, creating two Deadpools? Where does the core of his healing factor reside? Answer me, Internets!

The 2018 show was a really memorable one. I got to step band and enjoy things a little more than usual this year. I'll be returning once again in July!

One more set of pictures before we put this to bed. We'll make it!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Bob's Burgers "Can I Get Your Slaw-tograph" Comic-Con burger at Shake Shack!

Comic-Con has a lot of weird tie-ins and promotions during the show, but one that stood out to me from the moment I heard about it was the Bob's Burgers Shake Shack promotion, a crossover between the real-life burger place and the cartoon one. A few days before the convention started, it was announced that Shake Shack would sell a Bob's Burgers-inspired "Can I Get Your Slaw-tograph" burger on the weekend of the event. And, since it was Comic-Con, the cast and creators of the show would be there, too.

I knew that I wanted to try and get one of these burgers, and I also knew how crazy fans could get for a promotion like this, so I called the participating restaurant earlier in the week and tried to plan my trip. There was a very exclusive cast event happening on Friday, but the burger was supposed to be on sale Saturday and Sunday, too. On my way back from the convention on Saturday, I stopped at the Shake Shack in question, only to find that the burger had sold out for the day! But on Sunday, after packing up the booth and wrapping up the official convention, I went back.

The promotional photo backdrop was still up outside the store. I was ready.

This time, I managed to get an order in. The hamburger came with cheese, pulled pork, jalapeƱos, pickles and coleslaw. It also cost something like $11, which was...yow! The burger itself was only so-so, I thought. The barbecue sauce on the pulled pork really overwhelmed everything else, and was really sweet. I thought that the pickles were actually pretty good, and they helped to counteract the sweet BBQ sauce a bit. It was a pretty sloppy sandwich on the whole, and I had to pick up a number of ingredients from the paper tray afterwards to finish it up.

But the taste was probably secondary in all of this, as I was happy to just get a chance to try it out before it supposedly went away forever after Sunday. It was a sub-par, too-expensive fast food hamburger...and I'll probably go back next year if they offer a different one.

Oh, and I picked up some promotional stickers and pins, too!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Pictures from the 2018 Comic-Con International, part 7 (Saturday, 7/21)

Let's look at pictures that I took on Saturday at the 2018 Comic-Con! Who's ready? YOU ARE READY!

We start out the day with a very causal Iron Man at the bottom of the steps in the convention hall lobby.

My first stop on Saturday was the Sails Pavilion, where I saw a couple cartoon characters...

...including this really good Captain Caveman!

After the Venture Bros. outdoor panel the night before, I new that I wanted to get a ticket for the signing event happening early in the morning. I managed to get a ticket and see some of the people behind the show, including Jackson Publick!

And then I guess I took similar pictures on the way down the line, such as this one with James Urbaniak!

And here's Michael Sinterniklaas!

Upon arriving at the signing, someone involved with the show handed out production artwork to everyone in line, which was a big surprise. I got a Brock Samson drawing, which everyone at the table signed. At the end of the signing, there were still probably 100 of them left, and boy, did I wish I could've gotten a few more. But I decided to not be any more lecherous than I already was, and came out pretty far ahead, all things considered.

And then it was back to the floor...with another great She-Ra.

Early in the day, I thought that the crowd seemed a little bit light. That quickly changed later in the day, as it was probably as crowded as I've ever seen it. I guess that's to be expected on a Saturday.

Hey, look, it's Thor and a Dark Knight Joker, possibly as good as Larry's Halloween costume from a couple years ago, but please don't tell Larry that I said that.

Lego had a few of these set up - displays that looked like big carded action figures, where you could be the action figure.

Hey, it's Booster Gold!

I wish I got a better picture of this, because this Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Thanos was one of the best costumes I saw all weekend.

I spent some time at the New England Comics booth talking with the voice of The Tick - Townsend Coleman. Townsend is a heck of a nice guy who always had time to talk we me about the Tick and comics in general.

In the afternoon, I got invited to a small industry gathering. Instead of taking pictures there, I found Yondu and Nebula hanging out by the pool.

And then, on the way back to the convention center, I was very surprised (to say the least) to see Pittsburgh Steeler DeAngelo Williams dressed as the Predator! Why is this Steelers running back at Comic-Con? I don't care! I was great to meet him!

This Inspector Gadget would've been more impressive if I hadn't just met DeAngelo Williams. But oh well.

I made my way back through the crush of convention floor attendees because I had a wristband for a signing at the WB booth with the cast of The Flash. Pictured above is the Flash, know...not the TV one.

I managed to get there just in time. We were all told - in no uncertain terms - that we had to put our cameras away for the signing, so this is the best image I got of the signing. Still, I managed to get a poster signed by the cast and I got to chat briefly about Scrubs with Tom Cavanagh, so that was pretty fun.

Waiting on the other side of the line was the Reverse Flash. And also his dog.

Everyone in this picture is giving the Alien the side-eye.

I'm gonna say it - the Batman Who Laughs is weird. But this is a good costume.

And here's a decent Static Shock!

Did this Thor even have a hammer? Oh, wait...Ragnarok Thor IS the hammer. Okay.

Some Teen Titans...

...and some great Black Panther characters, including a very low-key Killmonger.

The detail work from this Cable is outstanding.

Dumbledore couldn't get inside, I guess.

It takes a brave individual to dress as Zardoz. Good for this guy, I guess.

There's Thor's hammer!

I actually went to a panel in the convention hall after the show had ended. As I left, the Sails Pavilion was filling up as the Masquerade was starting!

And at night, I took another trip, but I'll leave that for the next time! Until then!