Monday, November 5, 2018

Pictures from the 2018 Comic-Con International, part 6 (Friday, 7/19)

It's time to look back at Friday evening at Comic-Con! After the convention center closed, I headed out the back entrance and got in line for the Adult Swim State Park exhibit. I thought that chances were slim for me to get in, but luck was with me and I had a great time.

Greeting me in line were, from right to left, Lizard Morty, Glasses Morty, Slick Morty and Left-Handed Morty ("then you should use your left hand to eat more vegetables").

I soon found out that the Adult Swim costume contest was being held this night...and I just about lost my mind when I saw this iiiiiiiincredible Brak!

The canoe races were in full swing.

This Rick carving was set at the entrance. I made it inside just as the evening's events were starting.

Here's a view of the grounds.

As I was waiting in line, Adult Swim held an auction for mostly awful things, plus a few really great items. Someone won this prop from the show "Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell" - it's an actual desktop computer with the demonized prosthetics on top.

A few minutes after I sat down, a panel was brought on to judge the costume contest. Third from right is Jackson Publick of the Venture Bros.

And here's Scary Terry chasing James Urbaniak around the stage. In the end, who won? Why, Brak won, of course. I screamed like a lunatic when he came out on stage. Am I saying that I was the reason he won the contest? Yes, I am.

After the costume contest ended, everyone in the crowd got to see the first two episodes of the new Venture Bros. season! This was before they aired, so it was a nice treat.

Afterwards, there was a short Q&A with Publick and Michael Sinterniklaas, who voices Dean on the show. Here's a picture with him! There are a lot of other interesting faces being made in this picture.

The event lasted from around 8:00-10:00. There were more things happening afterwards (the State Park was open until the early hours of the morning), but it was time to leave and get ready for Saturday.

Play us out, Three Amigos!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Pictures from the 2018 Comic-Con International, part 5 (Friday, 7/19)

I apparently took a whole lot of pictures this year at Comic-Con. There are a whopping 40 in this post, all of which were taken on the Friday of the show. But these aren't all I have from Friday! I'll split the post up again and show Friday evening's images soon. For now, let's all take a look at what I saw from the time the convention center opened at 9:30am until it closed at 7:00pm!

The Fantastic Four blockade is ending, people! Marvel highlighted the new FF series on the back of their booth this year.

DC tries to make their movies good...I guess. Their Aquaman display was prominently placed at the convention hall.

And the New England Comics booth remains next to both of these giant displays. Have you seen our sign?

This Megatron might have been the best costume I saw for the show. Any outfit that requires stilts gets points from me.

This Tick brought his own spoon.

And this individual...came out to play-ay-ayyy.

Group shot. Is that Captain Marvel?

The Dark Horse booth held a Dr. Horrible signing on Friday, and I was fortunate enough to get a wristband for the event. In attendance were Joss Whedon, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion!

This is a pretty good Fillion face, can we all agree with that? And congrats to Felicia Day for having what looks like a Polly Pocket phone case.

I'm blocking Fillion with the brim of my hat, but do you what you can.

We've got Hellboy on the left. On the that from Steven Universe? Should I know this?

This is a pretty good modern Batgirl costume. Constantine is okay.

Look at this Shiny family!

Those Duff energy drinks they sell come in handy as props.

I have a feeling that this is a bait-and-switch.

I ambushed David X. Cohen, co-creator of Futurama, as he passed by the booth. Yes, I talked to him about "Jurassic Bark". There's nothing to be done about it.

I can really appreciate dressing up as a character from a show that hasn't aired new episodes in 50 years. Looking good, Skipper.

The DC Bombshell line is kind of weird, but this costume is great, regardless.

She-Ra! Yes!

I apparently took a walk outside at this time. What is the reason? It's impossible to say.

These guys were born for this. Good for them for going all in.

The Patch Wolverine is really nice.

I enjoy this picture because the background is a little blurry, making it look like the Flash is casually speeding by.

The second Tick of the day!

Deadpool's Super Duper Dance Party animatronic display was as garish and annoying as it should have been. It blared Dolly Parton's "Nine to Five" every 15 minutes or so. There was always a crowd.

Should I know all of the different Judges? It's a job well done in any case.

Funko makes these giant models...what happens to them after the show? Where to they store these things?

Incredibles 2 was so great. So great! And this is a really nice Elastigirl costume.

These folks were hanging out and chatting, so I couldn't get a posed group shot. There was still some impressive work done. And is that Han Solo in the back, or is it just a guy in a vest?

That's a spot on '89s Scott Summers.

Peace and long life to these Trekkies.

I had to tell my dad that there was 10-foot Lawgiver statue at Comic-Con. Beautiful.

This is from Empress, right? Or am I totally off base?

It looks like the guy from "Up" got trapped in Jurassic Park.

This is the second Fifth Element costume I saw! What are the odds?!

Nice of her to offer free fruit to passersby.

Ghost Rider with Troll hair. It works.

The Batman Returns Penguin might be the scariest comic movie villain. I'm standing by this.

As the day was ending, I took the stairs up a level and got a few pictures of the show floor. This one is of the small press area, where you can wonderful banner.

This picture shows about 4% of the show floor, I think. What an enormous convention this is. So big that I still have pictures left to show from Friday evening. Next time!