Thursday, January 7, 2010

Comic News Insider reviews Teddy and the Yeti!

Comic News Insider, the long running comic book and pop culture review show, took the time to do some independent comic reviews a few days ago, and Teddy and the Yeti #1 made their list!  It's always satisfying to know that people are actually reading the book, but it's equally satisfying to know that, hundreds of years into the future, an electronic broadcast mentioning me will be saved somewhere as a morbid reminder of my dead, rotting corpse.  But maybe that's just the self-serving part of me speaking.

CNI broadcasts once a week (more or less every Tuesday); if you go here, you can see a list of episodes - Teddy and the Yeti is part of episode #238.  Or, you can simply go here for the direct link, and here for the mp3 download of the show.  If you click on the "podcasts" tab on iTunes, you can find it there as well.

The reviews of the book can be found right around the 31 minute and 30 second mark of the show, and, honestly, they are a bit mixed.  It seems that the hosts' biggest concerns with the book deal with the flashback scenes and how they relate to the overall flow of the story.  I can certainly accept this criticism; I was going for an in media res approach to things, and I suppose that works for some better than others. Hosts Joe and Jimmy also spend a good deal of time talking about how much they like the title of the book.  This may seem surface-level to some, but MAN! I love the title, too, so it's all right.  Everyone loves a good rhyme, and when your title includes the word "Yeti" in that rhyme, only good things can follow.

I enjoyed listening to this show and the review a lot - to have someone discuss your work is a humbling experience.  Obviously, I wish the review would have been more positive, but that's what you set yourself up for if you put work out into the public arena.  And there were some good things said, too.  Maybe I'll send them a copy of the fast-approaching issue #2 and see if they mention the book again!

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