Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I hope Toyrocket doesn't screw me over.

I wrote a while ago about a great sale going on at, where everything was at least 50% off.  Deals on this site seemed too good to be true!  And like the old saying goes, when something seems too good to be true, ignore it and spend your money anyway!  Wait, maybe it's a little different.

After placing my order at the site, I quickly received the two Thing figures I paid for, but everything else, including two Toynami Futurama sets and a Jerome Bettis McFarlane figure, was marked as either a preorder (Futurama) or backorder (Bettis).

I will admit that I am not always patient when it comes to things like this, but years of buying stuff from eBay has taught me to put purchases in the back of my mind while waiting for them so I can keep from checking their shipping status a hundred times a day.  I couldn't take it anymore so a few days ago I went to the Toyrocket website and, to my dismay, found the image you see above with the following text attached:

Puzzlezoo is not responsible for any order placed and shipped or canceled before 12/23. Please do not contact Puzzle Zoo regarding a Toyrocket order as they have no information at all regarding any Toyrocket customers. If you placed an order before 12/23 it will have either shipped or been canceled/refunded. If you have not received a refund for a canceled order, please contact your credit card company.
Well, this sucks.  After clicking on a "more info" link, the news might not be as bad, or perhaps I will instead be strung along for a longer ride, as the site elaborated:

If you have an order backorder or preorder, this order will remain open for fulfillment by Unless you choose to cancel the preorder or backorder, will still honor and fill those orders as they come in as a service to Toyrocket’s loyal customers.

So, all hope is not lost, but I'm feeling pretty antsy, especially since Futurama series 7 AND 8 are out already.  My shelf is missing the likes of Mom, Nibbler, Hermes...crap!  Puzzle Zoo, you had better get up and running quickly.

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