Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beats for reading comic books to

Comics tend to have the same advertisements printed over and over and over, month after month, so when something new comes along, it tends to stand out.  For the past few months, MDMacro has bought some ad space in, if I'm remembering correctly, both Marvel and DC books.  This in itself is nothing new; quite often books from different companies share the same basic ad.  What gets strange is when a Marvel book has an ad for Batman toys, or when a DC book has an ad for an X-Men DVD (don't they know the characters belong to their main competitors??)...but I digress.

The ad itself is rather unassuming: it features a guy sitting in front of a building reading a comic book - his hat (Yankees, I guess...whatever) and the comic he's reading is blurred out, and the slogan "Beats for reading comic books to" is pretty much the only text visible besides the website address.  I found myself more interested in the advertisement itself than what it was actually promoting, because it was so different than the usual video game or in-house ad.  It didn't look like what I was used to; that is, it looked like some guy woke up one morning and said, "what the hell, I'm gonna drop a LOT of money and advertise with Marvel and DC."  This concept is so odd to me - how much did he end up paying?  How could it ever be worth the rates?  Do regular people REALLY buy up ad space in Action Comics?

I saw the ad the right number of times, apparently, because I finally went to MDMacro's site, and it's...rather sparsely populated from my perspective.  I listened to one of the beats...and I guess I could read comic books to them.

Overall, I'm just confused.

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