Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Teddy and the Yeti @ the Brownsville Telegraph

It's hard to believe that the town of Brownsville, Pennsylvania was one a bustling center of commerce, one that famously threatened the successful development of nearby Pittsburgh (back before it had the "h").  Brownsville was on the fast track to become a destination point along the Monongahela River before its major industry (coal mining) left town for good.  Granted, this was decades before I was born, but I still sometimes wonder what could have been if only the old factory workers and miners stayed and collectively decided to develop some new form of progressive industry.  Perhaps a wind farm!

In any case, Brownsville was once home to the now defunct Brownsville Telegraph newspaper.  A friend recently brought back the Telegraph, repurposing it as an online tool for community news and organization.  As the Telegraph was kind enough to cover my recent signing at Evil Genius Comics with a string of pictures, I thought it only fair to write an article about Teddy and the Yeti for the site.  The fact that the article serves as a nice marketing tool as well is purely coincidental.

Somewhere in the process of writing the article, it changed into something of a manifesto, detailing my thoughts on the comic industry and how one might put a comic book together if one were so inclined through a series of hypothetical questions.  It ended up being longer than I had anticipated (not an uncommon experience), but overall, I think it reads well.  You can read it yourself by clicking here.  There's also a separate page devoted to a preview of the book here, complete with comic book-y font and borders.  Check it out!

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