Friday, January 1, 2010

The signing at Evil Genius

"But Jeff," you ask, "why such a despondent look?"  In return, I reply, "Don't use such big words!  And we're not really on a first name basis, now are we?"

Ah, the magic of fantasy.  Where you look up and see a picture of me looking like I'm reconsidering all of my life's goals, I am, in fact, having a great time down at Evil Genius Comics.  As I had mentioned a few times, I took a trip down on Wednesday of this week and, with the help of a newspaper article promoting Teddy and the Yeti, I was able to meet a lot of people and sell a whole lot of copies of the first issue.

I want to thank the guys at Evil Genius for setting this signing up - it was a great success in a number of ways.  From a purely selfish standpoint, I sold more books on Wednesday than I had in any other given day other than when Midtown Comics put in their giant order.  From a personal standpoint (and perhaps also a selfish one), I got to interact with a lot of great people, both those that I knew (get in the paper and you see high school friends you haven't seen in years, I guess) and those I didn't before Wednesday.  Lots of great conversation and interesting people.  Heck, even my barber showed up.  My barber!  This is the first time I've seen him outside of his shop, and I've been going to the place since I was 13.  Unreal.

Maybe we'll do it again when issue #2 comes out (next month, kids).  College will be back in session and hey, Evil Genius is situated right off campus from Cal U.  We'll see what happens.


schmidt1010 said...

Thanks for the kind words Jeff, you're welcome back at Evil Genius anytime you'd like.

Jeff said...

Now I'm just going to start loitering.