Monday, January 25, 2010

Cover preview, part 6

I'm in the planning stages of putting together a "convention exclusive" edition of Teddy and the Yeti #3, one that I'd sell only - get this - at conventions.  Hopefully that includes more than just the Pittsburgh Comic Con, as I have the application for the New York Comic Con filled out and ready to mail.  Fingers crossed!

Jorge Correra, of Action Comics and Protector fame, put this together for me, featuring a strange party with - gasp! - Teddy and the Yeti and all of the characters from the backup stories that appear in each individual issue.  Outside the window is the monster from my as-of-yet unpublished story, "You Don't Mess with the Big Red Rex!" (co-created by Paul Tucker), which would conceivably be the backup story for Teddy and the Yeti issue #4...premature, for sure, but I had to get the character in because I like him so much.

I really like this cover, because ist has that "crossover" feel.  Even if it's completely misleading and the characters don't interact inside the covers at all.

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