Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Zombie Shark update

A while ago, I got a letter from my seven-year-old nephew about an idea he had for a comic titled "Zombie Shark".  You'll never guess the theme!  I wrote at the time that I was looking to do some work on it for him, and there's been some progress with it.  As you can see at the top of the page, Zombie Shark lives!

The art you see is from the very talented and Sherlock Holmes-villain-inspired Meredith Moriarty.  I met Meredith at the Pittsburgh Comicon this past April, and I'm happy to get the chance to work with her, even if the story that brings us together is fairly ridiculous and nonsensical.

I'm working on getting this story hand lettered in the near future.  After that, it'll need some colors (or, more likely, greyscales) and then it'll be done.  My nephew asks me (and my parents) for progress updates every time I see him.  I'm afraid that I'm giving him unrealistic expectations about how easy it is to get a comic made.  After I show him the final product, I'll have to sit him down for a talk about how the world works and maybe break his heart.  The world can be cruel sometimes, bucco, and we all grow up too fast.  But at least he'll have Zombie Shark.

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