Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FUBAR: Summer Special out today! Signing at Pittsburgh Comics!

I've had a few comics published in the past several years, but FUBAR: Summer Special, which is out in stores today, is the first to get mentioned (and pictured) on Diamond's Previews website.  The above image is a screenshot, one that was pretty neat to see when I checked to confirm the release date.

I'm pretty excited about this book - not only does having a new book feed my ceaselessly growing ego, but the Summer Special also features work from talented folks who, unlike me, you might actually recognize and admire, such as Chuck Dixon, Tim Truman, Jeff McComsey, Steve Becker, Lonny Chant, Jim McMunn and Leonardo Pietro.  I've read Chuck's story and it's really just fantastic.

I'll be at Pittsburgh Comics in McMurray, PA tonight from around 5:00-7:00 to sign copies in anyone is interested, or to just stand around and stare intently as people walk in the door.  I'll have a few copies of the anthologies for sale, and I'll bring the new issue of the Magic Bullet with me!  If you buy anything FUBAR related, you get the Magic Bullet, too.  What a great deal!  Trust me.

Pre-orders were solid on this book.  I'm hoping we get the chance to make more.

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