Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pictures from the 2012 Comic-Con, part 7

Perhaps you are getting tired of seeing the endless photos from this year's Comic-Con, which as of today has been over for an entire month already.  But perhaps you are also crazy, because this is great stuff.  I mean, just look at that Kid Voltron picture!  Adorable, right?  Right.  For some unimaginable reason, I've also got lots more in the queue as well, so like it or not, there'll be more to come.  So let's forge ahead.

This picture was sent to me by someone who came by the booth.  Crappy knockoff stuff of popular properties is in no short supply, but wow!  This might take the cake.

I admittedly don't know a lot about Dr. Who, but this dress is pretty awesome no matter how you cut it.

Here's another picture of the booth!  Can't get enough of those.

This was about as empty as the hallway got at any point.

I don't think the ferris wheel worked.  It should have.

I love this bike.

When you're a guy and a redhead, your costume choices can be a bit limited.  This guy makes the most of it.

There were more than a few Marty McFlys at Comic-Con this year.  This guy did a good job with movie #1 Marty.

Game of Thrones had a pretty noticeable presence at the show.

This might be the greatest picture of all time.  This makes me want to order face placards of myself.

The expressions on my and Larry's faces are in no way exaggerated.  Rather, this is genuine elation at seeing a Beast Wars costume.  The guy was in character, even.  What a thrill.  Beast Wars!!

Jackson Publick can, apparently, walk around Comic-Con without getting mobbed.  I certainly recognized him, though, and Larry got this great snapshot with him.  That's a classy hat, Mr. Publick.

It's another Marty McFly, this time from the second movie!  He even made his own Hover Board, and it looked like it was professionally made.  Great job.

"I am, how you say, Russian Guyovich?"

One of the highlights for me at this show was getting to meet Ben Edlund, who is one of my creative idols, without a doubt.  The things he's created and been involved with might as well be a list of the most inventive, enjoyable entertainment I've ever come across, from Firefly, the Venture Bros., and of course the Tick.  I was able to chat with Mr. Edlund, get a Thing AND and Tick sketch, and hear some great stories about creations that I love.  He's a unique individual who has a lot of big ideas.  What a thrill.

And finally, here I am punching the Rotten Tomatoes girl in a way that is less than flattering.  Oh well, I got a free t-shirt out of it.  Score!

That's it for now, but there'll be more to come soon.  I'll write about something different for the next post, but before you know it, it'll be back to more Comic-Con pictures!  YESSSSS!!!

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Was that like a Beast Wars Megatron Yesss?