Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Franks and Beans Comic-Con episode

Fulfilling yesterday's promise of posting something other than more pictures, here's something that is nonetheless related to Comic-Con in other ways.  It's the Franks and Beans episode that we submitted to Comic-Con's independent film festival.  It was not selected!  It won no awards!  It garnered no acclaim or attention!  But we had fun putting it together and I hope you like the result.  You can (a hem) check out more Franks and Beans at or on our YouTube page at  I said do it!!

I think that Larry and I will submit an episode to the film festival every year, because 1) why not, and 2) maybe one year the committee will take pity on us, the guys who submit every year only to be rejected again and again and again.  And wouldn't that be fantastic!  We tried our own bit of groveling this year, to no avail:

One day, day.

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