Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pictures from the 2012 Comic-Con, part 6

You might think that we're running low on pictures from Comic-Con, but no!  We are not!  And we're going to keep motoring ahead until we finish.  All of these pictures are from Saturday and Sunday of the convention.  At top you'll see what I looked like for most of the day - on Saturday, Larry and I dressed up like Jet Boy and Jet Girl, also known as 21 and 24 from the Venture Bros. cartoon.  Take a look at what ended up being hours and hours of tedious, expensive work.  I'll write a separate post sometime soon specifically about those costumes.  Suffice it to say, we had a great time in those suits.

The Iron Spider!  Not actually made of Iron.

These costumes were just great!  And so current!  If you're a girl and a redhead, there are many options for comic book costumes.

The '90s X-Men cartoon theme song is playing in my head.

Not sure why he decided to incorporate the doctor/nurse theme, but hey!  Not bad.

Apparently, this lady wants you to go to the Cinema Makeup School.  I'd say she makes a pretty convincing argument.  It probably doesn't count because it's basically an advertisement, but this might be the best costume from the entire convention.

If you look closely, you'll see that the girl is wearing Green Lantern headphones.  She did a great job with her costume.

Movie Cap!

At night on Saturday, we once again walked around the Gaslamp Quarter, across the railroad tracks from the convention center.  We checked out the Chuck Jones art gallery, which had a lot of cool looking (and expensive) film cells, art prints and original cartoon and comic book art.


This guy was standing outside of a restaurant/club, dressed as a tree.  He fooled a lot of people.  I don't think he was going for Swamp Thing, but it would have worked as that for sure.

Here we are at the LEGO booth on Sunday morning.  Every day, people got to build scenes on the wall outside of the booth, and every evening, the staff worked at meticulously at taking a lot of the LEGOs down.  Here's one that was apparently left up - a great 8-bit Super Mario Bros. scene.

The Golden Age Flash!  We both chatted about how disappointed we were at the recent DC relaunch.

Super...SUPER...Hank Venture.  Look at that ascot!

Thanos got some skinny legs...

These guys were there to promote, obviously, the FX show Wilfred.  They were intentionally rude the entire weekend, which was funny to see.  At one point they heckled a guy outside of the convention center because they thought he looked like Willem Dafoe.

One of the great joys of the convention was the taco truck that parked outside.  Rather than eating overpriced, terrible convention food, I got tasty tacos for five bucks.  They were really good.  What a lifesaver!

The show ended on Sunday and teardown began almost immediately afterwards.  People seemed anxious to get out of there, but I tried to soak in as much as I could.  I'm not sure what next year will bring - another trip to the west coast for Comic-Con 2013?  Or 2013 could be a year I sit it out.  I haven't decided yet, and thankfully I've still got a few more weeks before I'd want to get any paperwork in.  Comic-Con was a great experience, but exhausting and expensive.  We will see what happens.

As I said at the beginning, there are more pictures.  Oh so many more.  And I'll post those up in due time.  I hope that everyone is enjoying this look at Comic-Con!

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