Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pictures from the 2012 Comic-Con, part 8

At this point, you're probably thinking, "holy crap, why not just dump the rest of your Comic-Con pictures in one fell swoop and get it over with?"  This would be unacceptable.  But thanks for asking.  Honestly, there are only a few left to post.  But what great ones they are, those that are still to come.  Let's get started!

Petco Park, home to the San Diego Padres (who are terrible but still managed to take three of four from the Pirates in a recent series), housed the "Walking Dead Escape", in which you paid $70 to run from zombies through a gigantic obstacle course.  On Friday night we walked by and talked to some of the people who took the challenge.  As we were wearing sandals at the time, there was no chance we could sign up, so we decided to come back ready to go on Saturday.  In anticipation for an upcoming baseball game, however, the attraction shut down early on Saturday - just as we were walking up to the gates, in fact.  That was pretty dumb.  Oh well.

Hey, look!  Famous people!  Eating!!

Hey, look!  Giant dog!!

This was a pretty impressive effect.  The guys driving the van were advertising their Halloween decoration/effect company outside of the convention...I'd say they were pretty successful.

Maybe Pac Man can eat Pikachu as a substitute power pellet.

This guy's makeup was pretty good.  I wonder if he had to keep his mouth like that the entire time.

Dr. Horrible!  Nice job.

I loved these guys.  They got to spread their message about social conformity and dress up in cool zombie masks at the same time.  It must have been the best of both worlds for them.

I made it to Ben Edlund's panel on Sunday, which was lots of fun and over too soon.  He talked Tick, Venture Bros. and Supernatural, and had fun guests all throughout the panel.  It was a funny 60 minutes.


These three had the scariest costumes at the show.  I didn't recognize them other than being generally terrifying.  I see them as three of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  But where's the fourth?

Ah, there he is!  It's Earthworm Jim, who probably represents Pestilence or something.

This guy (I think it was a guy) walked around with duct tape rolls around his wrists and had people tape business cards and flyers to him.  You'll see several of my own added to the collection.

Did Panthro wear jeans?  I don't care - this was very well done.

This guy looks more like Will Riker than Jonathan Frakes these days.  He's even got that smug confidence down.

Was the guy in the background with her?

I'm...not sure if this was a costume or not.  The two women in the background look sufficiently unsure of the situation.

Silver Surfer & Son.  This should be a Marvel book just because of the alliteration.

On Saturday, Marvel unveiled the new Iron Man 3 armor.  I'm not a fan of so much gold, but it looks pretty cool regardless.

We took this picture to prove that people actually did come to the Wagon Wheel Comics booth from time to time.  Sure, I happen to be giving out free movie posters in this image, but booth traffic is booth traffic!

This is easily the best Galactus costume I've ever seen.

And here's a shot of the floor from another level.  The WWC booth is pretty much directly below this.

Until next time...and there will be a next time...

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