Friday, August 3, 2012

Pictures from the 2012 Comic-Con, part 4

He we are again, back with more of the hundreds of pictures from Comic-Con!  I know that everyone is enjoying it.  So here's more of a good thing!  All of these are from Thursday, the second of the con.

At top is what could be either a costume or an inflatable lawn ornament.  It's the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man!  I saw that recently, whoever owns the license came out with caffeinated marshmallows to eat.  Why not just regular marshmallows?  It seems that could be a million dollar idea that no one has picked up on for the last almost 30 years.  Oh well.  Maybe it'll happen for Ghostbusters 3.  Heh.

The hotel adjacent to the convention center (the Mariott, maybe?) had lots of events going on in its own right, including a Nintendo room, where attendees could play lots of different games.  I hope the guy dressed as Mario won his fair share.

Aquaman and Aquagirl: dead or sultry photoshoot?

This one came about purely by chance.  There I am, in an elevator with Captain Action and Captain Marvel.  What else could I do?  This is a lesson in context.

What a fantastic costume - the scars and the teeth really put it over the top.  Eric Powell was there at the show, too...I hope he got to see this first hand.

Guy must really love Little Shop of Horrors.

I've never seen Zardoz, and this makes me never want to see it.

This might have been the best costume at the show.  The face makeup looked great as well as, well, everything else.

Is this a specific character from TRON?  I don't know.  Parts of her costume were reflective, and in the right light it looked like it lit up.  Very well executed!

Oh, the Futurama display.  Why aren't they making more Toynami action figures?  Sal doesn't even have a figure yet (and yet we have, what, four different Benders?  More?).  The Nibbler knitted cap looks adorable.

The Quantum Mechanix booth had great models on display like several Enterprise designs and this great one of Serenity from the show Firefly.  One day, I will own this!

After the show on Thursday, the California Browncoats put on a screening of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.  It was tons of fun and I sang louder than anyone (I did!).  The picture here is of the Dr. Horrible costume contest.  Lots of love for the homeless shelter soup ladle Doc.

After the singalong, we spent a little bit of time walking around the Gaslamp district.  We saw just as many people there as we did in the convention center during the day.  The weather was great and it everyone was having a good time.  Also, a robot was there.

Zachary Levy of Chuck fame rented out an entire nightclub for the duration of the convention - he scheduled panels and had parties every night.  It was really something.  Above is a picture of the club at a pretty happenin' moment.  There was a DJ, lots of video game consoles, and a photo booth where you could take pictures with Levy himself (all proceeds went to charity, which was a real standup thing to do).  Larry waited in line for a while and got one for himself:

The next post will be something other than pictures.  But rest assured, I've got tons more.  And you will see them all.  YOU WILL!

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Larry Franks said...

I love Chuck. And looks like they are making Ghostbusters III now.