Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zombie Shark!

When I was in elementary school, I had a cousin, Randy, who was (and still is) a painter and had done a little work in comics.  Upon learning this, I of course thought that this was the most amazing thing in the universe, and I wrote a letter telling him as much.  This is when I started collecting comics in the first place.

Apparently I now employ the role of older, comic-savvy relative, because I received a letter from my elementary school-age nephew a few days ago with a letter and a hand-drawn comic.  The title: "Zombie Shark: the New Zombie Shark".  The similarities are not lost on me, nor is the fact that when I sit down to write a new FUBAR story, I'm essentially doing the same thing as my eight-year-old nephew.  In any case, I've posted the comic for all the world to see...and I'll say that it has potential.  I especially love the panel where the man watching television (complete with rabbit ear does an eight-year-old know what those are?) breaks the fourth wall, looks at the reader, and says "OMG, sharks!"

There's even a...cover, maybe?  Anyway, it was drawn on the back of the comic, so I'm assuming it's related, even though it includes the letter "N" flying around on a jet pack and a clown getting chainsawed in half.

In the letter, my nephew writes, "Will you make me a comic book using my ideas?  When you are done, please send it back to me."  Demanding little guy.  But hey, you never know.

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