Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Swag, 2012

Another birthday has come and gone (my...17th...), and there's an annual tradition around these parts - one where I takes pictures of the cool stuff I got and everyone else oohs and aahs because I'm such a lucky guy.  So let's get to it!  Right at the top is a guitar pick with the Thing on it!  Here's a fun fact: there's a company that makes display cases for guitar picks.  Also, I have one.  Also, the Thing is on the  pick.  It's pretty cool.

Some DVDs!  New Adventure Time and the 24/7 Penguins special from 2010/11.

This above shirt is from Larry, and I'm pretty intimidating in it.  It's a Future Foundation shirt...specifically with the symbol the Thing wears.  This is the most obscure Thing shirt I've got, and I love it for that reason.

I stopped and bought another couple Marvel Treasury editions on the way to visit my parents for some birthday dinner.  Look, it's the Thing dressed up as Santa Claus!  Someone at Marvel must have thought that Ben Grimm as Santa was hilarious, because he's been depicted this way quite a few times over the years.

This last image wasn't, well, a birthday gift from anyone other than myself.  It wasn't a birthday gift at all, actually, but I got it in the mail the day before my birthday so it goes up on the blog regardless.  Check out this great print with a retrospective of Al's career so far.

There were a couple other things that didn't get pictures taken of them, so they will remain a mystery perhaps forever, or perhaps until I decide I want to take pictures of them.  All in all a great day.  Next up: an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen with a confusing, obscure quote written in icing.  Can't wait.

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Jeff Lafferty said...

Happy Birthday dude!