Friday, March 16, 2012

Support FUBAR on Kickstarter!

While I ruminate on my own Kickstarter musings, here's a worthwhile project that I hope those who read this blog (both of you!!) check out: new FUBAR for Free Comic Book Day!

FUBAR Press is teaming up with another indy outfit, 215 Ink, to put out some great books for this year's FCBD event, happening Saturday, May 5th.  This will be the first FUBAR to appear in comic (as opposed to trade) format in a brand new, 28-page story by Jeff McComsey.  The image below is part of the cover by fellow FUBAR head honcho Steve Becker:

The full image is even more impressive.

A little more exposition from Mr. McComsey:
The Devil’s Dance floor is a 28-page stand alone World War II story about the remnants of the British 6th Army in North Africa’s last stand against zombie Erwin Rommel’s Undead Afrika Korp. Down to the very last bullets, bombs and bayonets these battle hardened Brits are out to prove that he who dares, Wins.
Free Comic Book Day, by its nature, caters to the bigger companies out there, and it looks like there'll be some good output from many involved, from new Justice League and Avengers to what I'm probably looking forward to most, a new Firefly/Serenity story from Dark Horse!  Supporting FUBAR in this drive means that smaller, independent books like ours have a better chance to reach a broader audience.  And the book is smaller in a literal sense as well - it's half the vertical size of a regular comic, at 5 inches by 6.25 inches.  So, hey, if you like oddly sized comics...

The book is being distributed by Liber, and any shop that signs up with Liber can receive both the FUBAR and the 215 Ink books free of charge (and that includes free shipping).  So really, there's no reason that your local shop can't have copies waiting on the first Saturday in May.  Donating to the Kickstarter campaign means that more books can get out to more shops.

I'm fairly sure that I'll be helping out with lettering on the 215 side, so I'll be sure to post some updates on that project if it comes to pass.

Check out the FUBAR/215 Ink FCBD Kickstarter page here:!

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