Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yesterday I posted a clip of one of the stories to appear in Teddy and the Yeti issue #3 - I thought I'd stick to that train of thought and post Duane's initial drawing of the villain Craxl.  This would work great as an extra feature at the back of the book (or - gasp! - in a trade collection), but I'm as always pressed for space...so I don't know if I'll have the opportunity.  Thanks for giving me the space, Internets!

One of Duane's artistic strengths is drawing strange, frightening creatures - check out 2000AD #1575 and his zombie dog monsters for further proof - and I think he really outdid himself with this terror-inducing character.  It really is creepy!  The caption for the character sheet is "Yeti's nightmare", and that plays into the story, but regardless, it's a nightmarish design that manages to freak me out a little each time I see it.

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