Sunday, February 21, 2010


UPS had me worried all of Thursday and Friday morning, but they came through in the end - Teddy and the Yeti #2 was delivered at 10:40 AM on Friday morning, and the result is as seen above.

The books themselves look great - the pages are crisp and both the front and back covers (T&Y by Duane, Mr. Massive by Todd Nauck) came out really well.  I've spent the past few days taking copies around to various shops, signing a few at both Evil Genius and New Dimension Comics, and generally trying to get the word out.  I'll have them for sale on the website within the next few days, and I'll send out creator copies before the week is over.  It's a busy time but it'll all happen...promise!

It's such a relief to get issue #2 out - not just because it took a lot of work to finish, but because having a second issue goes a long way to legitimizing the comic.  In my opinion, anyone can put out one issue of a comic book - I'll go further and say that I think anyone can put out one GOOD issue, as well.  Anyone can do the work and get an issue on the shelves, but it's going back and starting the process all over again that really separates those serious about the craft from those who can't quite cut it.  The creation process is a long, difficult, lonely one, and I think that a lot of creators expend all of their creative energy on one issue, leaving nothing left for a second.  If I had to guess, I would say that getting an issue #2 completed and printed is the most difficult process in any series, let alone an independent one.

I hope I'm not sounding like I'm full of myself, but I am really proud of getting this issue back from the printer.  Hopefully it'll be successful, because just as anyone can PRODUCE a first issue, it's easy for anyone to BUY a first issue.  How many people stick around for the second is a big indicator of if the story is any good.

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