Saturday, February 27, 2010

An unbelievable amount of MORE random updates!

It's time once again for a barrage of news-like items that probably don't deserve their own singular topic. THIS IS WHAT YOU LIVE FOR, PEOPLE! Or...something like that. Let's get started, shall we?

- The floodgates have opened at, where there are now two suggested phrases waiting for you when you begin to type "Teddy and the Yeti". The newest edition to the family is "Teddy and the Yeti 1", which gives me a better idea about how Google's suggestion engine works. I can't imagine that many people are actually searching for something like that, so it must suggest terms based on how many results are available. There are lots and lots of websites that have the solicitation information to issue #1, so I'm assuming that's why this all took place. There are hardly any sites listing the solicitation information for issue #2, which is something I have to work on. Haven Distribution is taking a while in getting the solicit into their system, so hopefully once that is done, there'll be a few more hits for "Teddy and the Yeti 2".

- I recently conducted a quick interview with issue #3 cover artist Tom Scioli. Tom's responses will be published in the aforementioned issue, just as Phil Hester and Todd Nauck had interviews in the two previous books. Tom lives in Pittsburgh, but is originally from Philadelphia, so I asked him about his sporting allegiances. Who you root for is a big deal in the 'Burgh! People live and die black and gold, except when it comes to the Pirates, who have been so enormously mismanaged in the past 17 years that they've lost all relevance (which makes me cry a little). I don't think he thought it was a particularly good question.

- The folks at the Pittsburgh Comicon have updated their guest list once again, and this time they've gone ahead and added a picture to my listing (at my request, of course). This is one of my favorite images of the Yeti, because it looks like she's frightened of whatever is right next to her. In this case, it's my short comic biography.

Also, they hotlinked the homepage! So now lazy people can just click on the link, as opposed to all the work it would have taken to both copy AND paste or, perish the though, RETYPE the url in the address bar. Hooray!

In case anyone was wondering, yes, I'm still listed directly above Scott McDaniel.

- The Lawrence Public Library (located now lists Teddy and the Yeti's first appearance in Josh Howard Presents: Sasquatch in their online library catalogue. If you're anything like me, and you enjoy seeing other people randomly reference my name, just click on the link and go crazy! I also think it's funny that they spelled my name correctly, but refer to Duane as "Duan Redhead". Are there really people named "Duan"?

- "Someone" has listed an autographed copy of Teddy and the Yeti #1 on eBay. According to the counter, people are actually looking at the page! According to the bid history, no one has actually committed to buy it yet! Perhaps they're just waiting for the last, that's it. Only two days left, people!

And speaking of eBay, I recently suggested that others buy copies of Captain America #602 (the "Tea Party" issue) and list them on the auction site. Taking my own advice, I did all right for myself. I sold four books and, after costs, shipping and eBay/Paypal charges, I made a net profit of...let's say eight bucks. YES!!!

- Teddy and the Yeti has once again made it to someone's Twitter account. Adding Teddy and the Yeti to the Collectorz Comic Database is apparently news! I'll take it.

- Lastly, here's something that has nothing to do with anything. However, I have been added to YouTube in a manner other than Franks and Beans and it MUST NOT GO UNDOCUMENTED! I'm currently teaching a public speaking course - students in the class are now presenting their informative speeches. One student asked to use me as a subject for his Photoshop lesson, to which I agreed only if the picture could involve me getting punched in the face (what can I say, I enjoy physical humor). Below is the result, and if you follow the direct link to the YouTube site, you can see instructions to duplicate this photo manipulation tool - so the video might actually make sense rather than just consisting of a fast moving cursor and a remixed "Jurassic Park" theme. Who decided to remix the Jurassic Park music?? Strange.

This is just one more way in which I am slowly taking over the Internet(s).

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