Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ridiculous obsessions

After literally years of trying, I was finally able to find and purchase the above Spider-Man 2099 action figure.  I'm not a big collector of action figures, per se; the reason I searched for this figure was because of the comic that comes packaged with it.

While I'm relieved to at last have this in my possession, there's a part of me that shakes his metaphysical head in disbelief.  The comic is nothing more than a reprint of the first issue of Spider-Man 2099; the only differences are the ads inside and the border - the red foil from the first edition is replaced by this more generic solid white.  The story is exactly the same.  Exactly!  And I have the first edition, along with the more recent reprint in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man Family.  But still, I had to hunt this edition down and pay for a figure that I'm ambivalent about just to get the afterthought packaged as a bonus.

By getting this issue, I only have one version of issue #35 to get (which introduced Venom 2099) - at that point, I'll have every issue of every 2099 series published.  I wonder if they'll give me a prize when I manage to get it.

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