Friday, February 26, 2010

Franks and Beans ad

Yesterday I posted the Ms. Monster half page ad that will be printed in Teddy and the Yeti #3 - here's the other half!

I've posted about - or at least cryptically referenced - Franks and Beans on previous occasions, but it bears reiteration here: anyone reading this blog should go to the F&B website and watch the videos contained therein perhaps dozens and dozens of times.  The ad at top takes a number of its cues from our as-of-yet unposted 40th episode - we've had some problems uploading the thing to both YouTube and Funny or Die, but Larry (my co-star) and I hope to have those resolved by the time issue #3 hits the stands.

Larry has told me that he plans on coming to the New York Comic Con with the Wagon Wheel Comics crew (me and whoever else decides to come along, basically), and it'd be great to have a DVD of the series there for people to check out.

Some of you may be asking, "Jeff, I'm interested in seeing what Franks and Beans has to offer, but I am much too lazy to click on links.  Why don't you just embed a video on this site?"  Why, various reader, you have quite the point!  I think that's what I'll do - and to make sure I put my best foot forward, I'll show what just might be my favorite episode of all time, #12 - "Mailbag/Bloopers".  Enjoy!


Larry said...

That seems like such a great show.

Jeff said...


Karrey said...

That's hilarious! XD