Sunday, May 27, 2012

Once again, my students present terrible drawings of the Incredible Hulk.

About a year ago, I gave a final in some of the classes I taught that facetiously offered bonus points to whomever drew the Incredible Hulk on his or her greenbook.  Even though I made it abundantly clear that I would not actually be handing out points based on such a dumb concept, many of my students did it anyway - just in case.  The results were so astonishingly bad that I decided to try it again this year, and as I had more students, I got more Hulk drawings (and, supposedly, I shattered more dreams).

When marveling at the horrid nature of the following drawings, let's keep in mind that these are coming from college students, and not little children.  For my own part, I am not an artist and don't claim to be able to put together a half decent composition of Bruce Banner's alter ego.  Even so, WOW, I got some bad ones.  Let's check them out, starting with the one at top and its interestedly placed nipples.

What is this, a German Hulk?  Okay.

Honestly, I'm just happy that this person spelled "incredible" correctly.

This one's not too bad, even thought the Hulk looks a little goofy.  I wonder why he's apparently pantsless.

This one, I'm fairly certain, was drawn after the student took out his iPhone and looked up a "how to draw the Hulk" tutorial on YouTube.  A couple people did that, and since the final was long over by this point, I let them go ahead.  This person didn't bring a greenbook and apparently hates the environment.

I like this one.  The Hulk is perhaps leaping, perhaps falling.  But he looks pretty carefree in any case.

Jose Canseco?  Really?  I'm surprised that my students even know who the guy is, seeing as most of them were born in the early 1990s, when Canseco's heyday was beginning to wind down.

This one's a little deformed, but probably the scariest of the bunch.

An Antoine Dodson reference!  Classic.

I contend that the "Hulk" at bottom is actually the Thing, which my student couldn't help but draw since the Thing is a much better character.  She even drew his Fantastic Four shorts!  Good job, student.

I like the King Kong-esque nature of this one, and the use of the globe in with the rest of the composition.


This one didn't even try.

Another drawing that looks more like the Thing!  This person even captured the Thing's positive nature.

This one's just weird.  Do you want me to hand you something, Hulk?

I have no idea how Scarface ended up in this one.  Did the person watch the movie the night before?  Pay attention to the faux instructions and draw the Hulk!  Or the Thing.  The Thing is acceptable.

It's all relative.

The Hulk is so happy here!  It looks like he's taking the globe for a walk.

Another baseball reference!  The Pirates have enough good pitching this year.  What I want to know is can Closing Pitcher Hulk get on base?  Seriously, we'll take anyone.  Look at this graphic!

Can you hit a curve, Hulk?

This Hulk seems to be a mix between the Hulk, Charlie Brown and Doug Funny.

These last two were drawn on bluebooks.  Bluebooks?!?  Ridiculous.  Here we have proof that people will never forget the Ferrigno/Bixby TV show.  Also, it looks like the Hulk got chunks torn out of him.

Lastly, we have our footless, noseless Hulk.  This was fun!  We should do it again next semester, assuming that I don't get fired for posting student artwork online.  There's very little chance of that happening.  I hope.

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Doug Funny? What a reference!!!