Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Free Comic Book Day 2012!

Hooray!  Free Comic Book Day is upon us once again.  There were some great books out this year, and I stopped by Evil Genius Comics and Cards in California, PA, to hand out some free books of my own.  I had copies of Jeff McComsey and Steve Becker's FUBAR: The Devil's Dance Floor and a flip book from 215 Ink that I did some lettering in.  I even got my own table for a while!

Important note: the mystery floating legs in the background are not mine.  Thus, they are a mystery.

Traffic into the store was steady and I got a chance to hoist the free books on a number of unsuspecting readers.  I'm not sure what numbers Evil Genius pulls in on a regular Saturday, but there were a lot of people there on this Saturday.

For my own part, I loaded up on free comics from big and small companies alike.  I'm super excited about Dark Horse's Serenity offering.  There seemed to be a good variety of books this year, some for kids, others for older readers.  If you look at the picture at top, you'll see that there's even a, uh, "Graphic Elvis" book.  The King will never die.

I hope that everyone had a good day and got some enjoyable comics.  If you weren't lucky enough to go to a store that offered the FCBD FUBAR story, you can download and read the entire thing here:

This is a great event for the industry.  I hope that it helps retailers pick up some new readers and I hope that it helps readers pick up different titles.  I'm already looking forward to next year's edition!

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