Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012 Eisner Awards

The nominees for this year's Eisner Awards have been announced, and - surprise! - I got a ballot in the mail recently.  This is pretty cool.  On one hand, I wonder if this is an indication that I have maybe "arrived" and am involved in the comic book industry in earnest.  On the other, I wonder if these things just get sent out to anyone who ever published a comic or had a booth at Comic-Con.  Perhaps I'll just let ignorance be bliss in this case.

The nominees can easily be found online, but here are a few observations on my part:

- Daredevil got nominated a whole heck of a lot, and I'd say the book and those involved deserve the praise.  It's a great, fun book that I look forward to every month.

- Princeless got nominated twice, including for "Best Publication for Kids (ages 8-12)".  The folks from Action Lab press, the studio behind Princeless, were booth neighbors at the Pittsburgh Comicon, so it's cool to have a face to put to one of the nominees that many probably haven't heard of.  I hope they bring home a trophy.

- Sergio Aragones' Funnies wasn't nominated for a "Best Humor Publication" award?!  This title from Bongo Comics is a fantastic book that, while it certainly doesn't push any boundaries, is funny from cover to cover.  I'm a big fan of the title.

- FUBAR didn't land in the "Best Anthology" category, but there is a place to write in your own choice.  I wonder if it's petty to vote for a book you worked on?  It probably is.  To verify "voting eligibility", I'll need to write in some of my credentials, which naturally include FUBAR.  Conflict of interest?  Or just a very strong opinion?

Here's an interesting line from the ballot regarding the ceremony, held on the Friday of Comic-Con International: "As a professional, you will get preferred seating at the event."  Ooo!  Look at that!  My own seat, right up front.  This is something I'll need to consider attending, if only because it'd be fun to do once.  I'll certainly vote...maybe I'll even show up!  Whether or not I steal an award will remain a mystery until then.

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