Sunday, May 13, 2012

Teddy and the Yeti strip by Fred Hembeck!

This has been brewing for a little while, and it's been difficult not sharing until now.  I got in touch with the great Fred Hembeck after seeing another of his strips appearing in current IDW books, and somehow I convinced him to create one of his famous comic strips for Teddy and the Yeti!  The comic is above - I'm looking to have it colored and will include it in the up and coming Teddy and the Yeti #4 (out pretty soon!).

If you're a comic fan, you're probably aware of Fred Hembeck, or at least his work.  Fred is a comic book historian and satirist of the highest degree, and he's got published work in each of the last several decades.  My favorite of all his work (before this comic strip, of course) is the Fantastic Four Roast, which you can see here:

The best news is that this is not the last strip Fred is doing for books that I'm working on.  The next one won't be Teddy and the Yeti, but it is for something I've been involved in a lot recently, which should be a pretty big clue.  Regardless, I'm sure it'll be awesome, if this strip is any indication.  Thanks, Fred!

Here's the website:


Claymation Werewolf said...

This!! Pretty amazing man! Lately I've been on a kick, recollecting some of my favorite childhood comics and a lot of those are Marvel Parody comics. Spider-Ham and What The!? (especially What The!?) I had totally forgotten about the Fantastic Four Roast untill I saw this post and it was one of my all time favorites "back in the day" Congratulations on the collaboration man!

Jeff said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Humor seems to be tough to do well in comics, and for me the "What The...?!" books were hit and miss. Hembeck's work is almost always a hit, though, at least with me. Thanks for the comment!