Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pictures from X Con Myrtle Beach 2012

It's been a little while since I posted.  I've been a little busy with a few exciting projects.  Plus I took a trip down to Myrtle Beach last weekend.  Did I mention I was going to XCon again this year?  I never did?  Oh.  Well, I was there.  I was.  And here is some proof!

Sometimes, even Superman takes a cab.  He's a paragon of responsibility, people!!

Here's a random shot of the convention floor.  They had video game tournaments going on the entire weekend, with games like the new Capcom/Marvel one set up.  I didn't see the Thing in there once!  Come on.

Another shot of the floor.  The show moved to the Myrtle Beach Convention Center this year, and I think that the change of venue was a very good thing.  XCon is a small show, and maybe it always will be, but I see this as a necessary step in the process of increasing attendance.  Last year, the show was in the basement of a local hotel; this move adds a little more awareness and a little more legitimacy to the whole deal.

In the middle of the convention floor was a wrestling mat.  It was odd, but there were people beating on each other the entire weekend, so I guess that's okay.  At one point, one of the wrestlers circled the ring and started to heckle the crowd, almost Andy Kaufmann style.  "Hey, comic book nerds!  Come and watch me wrestle!"  Whatever works, big guy.

This was an interesting painting.  My only problem with it is that Jake and Finn would spend their days beating up zombies, not becoming zombies.

After the show on Friday night, the folks in charge held a little party at the local comic shop, Corsair Comics.  It was pretty hip.

At one point, Space Ghost and Aqua Teen Hunger Force art director and voice actor C. Martin Croker left his booth to get a chicken sandwich (really), so I sat down and pretended I was him.  I almost sold a couple prints.  Gotta work on my Zorak voice.

Pace yourself, fella.

XCon continues to be a fun show, and you can tell that the people in charge are trying to make it as good as it can be.  It'll take some time and perseverance before this show grows to become a real destination convention.  It's right at the beach, and that's a big plus for its long-term survival.  As with many shows, this one will have to start bringing in new guests before too long, because the guest list has stayed fairly consistent for the last few years.  This is easier said than done, of course, but it's up to them to try.  I wish everyone involved the best of luck.  Maybe in another five years, the show will take up more than one convention hall!  Here's hoping.

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