Friday, May 6, 2011

My students draw the Incredible Hulk...poorly

It may come as a surprise, but my life as a superstar comic book author (uh...) sometimes does take a back seat to my day job as a college instructor.  While tossing copious amounts of homework right into the trash this past week (THAT'S WHAT I THINK OF IT, STUDENTS!), I came across last semester's finals for an English class.

The old, standard Bluebooks have been replaced with, I guess, more eco-friendly Greenbooks, and as a joke I wrote on the essay prompt that any Greenbook with a drawing of the Incredible Hulk would receive bonus points.  This was what I thought would be an obvious joke, but I still found more than a handful of drawings when I haphazardly glanced at meticulously poured over these finals last December.  Someone, apparently desperate for extra points, even drew a second image of Iron Man (for whatever reason), but unfortunately that one has been lost to the sands of time.  Oh well.  Here are some that I managed to hang on to:

I like the sinewy quality of this drawing.  Of the original art I received, this might be my favorite.  Plus the way the Hulk is looming over the globe is a nice use of what was already available.

I have several problems with this piece: first, the Hulk portion of this is obviously traced.  Second, everyone knows that Superman wouldn't be afraid of the Hulk.  Superman can beat up the Hulk.  The Thing can naturally beat up the Hulk.  My point is, lots of people could.  Mostly the Thing, easily.

What disturbs me about this one is that the Hulk is obviously naked.  There are no pants, purple or otherwise, to be found.  Thank goodness for the bottom of the page.

I actually love this one.  A great attempt.

I hate this one.  PUT SOME EFFORT INTO IT!

For EXTRA-extra credit, this student, a Baltimore Ravens fan for some unknown reason, offered to draw the Hulk stomping on Ray Lewis.  That was okay, I said, because the Steelers stomp on Ray Lewis two and sometimes three times a season every year.

This Hulk looks like a clown, and it frightens me.

Another traced Hulk, and it's not even on the right color paper!!  If I wanted a blue character, I'd have chosen, I don't know, Dr. Manhattan or someone.  Those drawings might have been more awkward.

Also, in something completely unrelated, my Toyota Camry recently reached the lofty milestone of 300,000 miles.  Here's proof:

For more proof, here's the YouTube video!  I am extremely proud.  For our friends outside the US, 300,000 miles is 482,803 kilometers...but that doesn't sound nearly as cool.  Now, 500,000 kilometers...that's only about 10,000 miles away.  I've just figured out my next goal.

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