Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thing sketchbook, part 6

I haven't posted any new entries into the Thing sketchbook files in a while...this is an oversight that must be remedied!  Here's five more spectacular images of the greatest comic book character ever created.  There, I said it.

Ron Wilson - HeroesCon 2008

Ron Wilson pencilled the Thing for years in titles like Marvel Two-in-One and the solo Thing series, so I had to get him to draw the character for my book.

Chris Giarrusso - HeroesCon 2008

Chris Giarrusso draws "G-Man" and the Mini Marvels feature for Marvel...he is one of the very few comic book creators that does humor well, in my opinion.  He was REALLY cranky when I approached him to draw this, but all's well that ends well.

Scott McDaniel - Pittsburgh Comicon 2009

Whenever I hand the sketchbook over to an artist, I always tell him or her to draw whatever version of the Thing they feel like drawing, but most opt for the class, cigar-smoking version.  Scott decided to draw him as Nightwing, the character he might be most well-known for.

Wayne Faucher - Pittsburgh Comicon 2009

Wayne Faucher - an inker by trade - was almost apologetic at how this turned out.  Don't sell yourself short, Wayne...it's one of the most detailed and expressionistic sketches of the Thing I have.

Pat Olliffe - Pittsburgh Comicon 2009

Pat is a really solid artist best known for his lengthy run on "Spider-Girl".  He doesn't get as many high profile assignments as he should, in my opinion, because he's consistent and I enjoy the underscored realism to his art.  Oh, and he did a Teddy and the Yeti cover for me, which is great.

This might be hard to believe, but yes, there are even more Thing sketches to show beyond this one.  I'll get them up soon, so...you know...keep checking back.  Please.

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