Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Free Comic Book Day!

I don't usually hit up the comic store on Free Comic Book Day - there are often just a few comics that I want to check out and they're just stuck in my folder at the shop I get most of my comics at, anyway, so I don't feel the need to make the special trip.  Yesterday, though, I wanted to drop off some comics of my own to give away, so I made the trip to Evil Genius Comics in California, PA, which had just moved to a new location...only a few doors down from the old location, but to a new, bigger store.  The new place looks great - much more like an "actual" store, if that makes sense - so I took a few pictures.

The store had a big table filled with free comics, and I added three to the ranks: the Magic Bullet #2, Teddy and the Yeti's Back and a few copies of Mr. Massive.  I picked up a number of the other books being offered, like 2000AD, the Tick, Spider-Man...nine in total, which was more than I expected to grab.  I also bought two Venture Bros. figures which are, for sure, awesome.

I was impressed with the new store's layout.  There's still a bunch of room for gaming, but now there's room for, well, other stuff, too.  Take a look:

Hey, it's the back of Franks and Beans actor Larry Franks!  What a coincidence!

If you're in the California, PA area (it's right across the street from the Cal U campus), I hope you'll check out the new store - it's bigger and, I think, better.  It was a fun day.  Later, I got some food from a local restaurant and found this sign:

It says "public phone", but you can't read most of it because the tree is enveloping the sign.  I think that's fantastic.

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