Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thing sketchbook, part 5

Here's the next five Thing sketches that I've collected!  These five have a few things in common beyond the obvious: they're all from the 2006 Comic-Con International, and they're all AWESOME.  Check 'em out, with witty commentary on each:

Fiona Staples - Comic-Con International 2006

Fiona Staples was the art half of Markosia's "Done to Death" book.  Ryan Stegman told her to draw ears on the Thing (as I bugged him about doing the same in previous pieces of art), so she did - and then put flowers growing out of his head.  I love the uniqueness of this sketch.

Comic-Con International 2006

I really should remember this artist's name (Scott?), as he sat in at my booth for an hour or so at the 2006 San Diego show.  He had a pinup in Image's Invincible a few months later.

He apparently ran into Rosario Dawson a few minutes before stopping at our booth, and he was kicking himself for not being able to talk to her.  "She was just so beautiful", he kept saying.

Jason Martin - Comic-Con International 2006

Jason Martin (creator of "Super Real") had helped promote Mr. Massive, the book I had at the San Diego show this year, so we chatted a few times over the weekend.  The all blue Thing was a great touch.

Aaron Farmer - Comic-Con International 2006

Aaron Farmer (part of Ms. Monster's illustrious crew) had a booth next to ours at the San Diego show in 2006, and he did this cute rendition in no time flat.  I especially enjoy the Disney-esque look to the words.  This from a mohawk wearing hard core guy like Aaron...spectacular.

Todd Nauck - Comic-Con International 2006

Todd Nauck is a great artist and a really nice guy.  I apparently even cut in line to give him this book, but it all worked out - Todd even drew a really cool Mr. Massive cover for me that I was just able to use in the second issue of Teddy and the Yeti.

More to come, some of which even top these, as hard as that is to believe.