Monday, May 30, 2011

Brink: the webcomic by Erenberg and Emmett

Because I demand it, head on over to to check out "Brink", a new webcomic from writer Daniel Erenberg and illustrated by James Emmett.  I met James, as assistant editor at Marvel (perhaps you've heard of them) at a party after last year's New York Comic Con, and he's braving the world of webcomics with this new tale about the teenage son of a former super hero and villain.  It's got drama, helicopters, parents, bunsen burners, grapling guns, backpacks and other, more abstract concepts.  Oh, and I'm also lettering it, which has been a lot of fun.

I'm catching up with the lettering, so there's a section of the story where the words look different...that'll change as soon as I get up to speed.  I also need to work on my sound effects, which has been a bugaboo for me and something I hope to get better at (the gradient tool is a nightmare and in my ignorance I hate it).

I've posted the first four pages of this story below, but you can (and, you know, should) go to the main page to read more.  This story updates several times a month, and it should be fun to see how it ends!

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