Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pictures from the Motor City Comic Con, part 2

As I sort through more pictures from the recent Motor City Comic Con, here are some of the better ones:

This mask was so realistic - if it wasn't so eerily terrifying, I'd have been absolutely impressed.  Well, I guess I was still impressed, but the horror overshadowed it a little bit.  It brought about, in fact, the following reaction:

Yep.  That's how I felt.

Some GI Joe guys...and Larry's wearing a shirt from a book in which the Thing beat up the Hulk.  Thanks for supporting the Thing like that, Larry.

I am, honestly, not a fan of either Family Guy nor Star Wars, but I know quality when I see it.  What's surprising about this costume is its simplicity and yet effectiveness.  The eyeball glasses really make it.  Good job, fella.

I raffled off a Thing statue on Saturday - the rule was, if you bought a book, you got a ticket.  It was surprising the number of people who bought a book and then said "no thanks!" to the statue ticket.  Lookit that thing!  It's a fantastic bust.  This is a picture of the guy who ultimately won it - he put his ticket in about four minutes before the drawing.

There was a party after the show at a local hotel.  Except for Larry and me, this picture is 100% candid.  I like how it turned out.

Heck, I've got more pictures to show.  Next time, everyone.

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