Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Take a look at banner, Michael!"

Just arrived from Staples (and only a week late!) is the new banner for the Wagon Wheel Comics booth at conventions - such as the quickly approaching Baltimore Comic-Con.  Eagle-eyed readers anyone who's ever been to this site before will recognize that this image comes from Duane Redhead and Karin Rindevall's cover to Teddy and the Yeti #2.  The image has a nice vertical strip suitable for a banner of this size, and it frames Teddy, the Yeti and the ninja in the bottom left really well.  Plus it smells all vinyl-y, which is extra fun!

I'm working on building an easel/stand/hanger contraption out of PVC pipe that should enable me to, well, display it.  I think it'll work.  The font I used (for my egotistical) is Sean Kleefeld's "Fantastifont", designed, of course, after the classic Fantastic Four title font.

Tomorrow's a packing day for Baltimore, then it's off to the races.