Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FUBAR Kickstarter, new Franks and Beans, FF 50th and more!

It's time for more random updates!  YESSS!!!

- The good folks over at FUBAR central have put together a Kickstarter drive for the second volume of the WWII-zombie anthology, the initial print run of which is set to debut oh-so-soon at the Baltimore Comic-Con.  I've got some work appearing in this volume and more when the full, Diamond-solicited volume hits the shelves, so I'm excited to see it in print.  The Kickstarter page even features some clips from stories I was involved in, including the "Yalta!" story with Leonardo Pietro, near the top of the page.

The rewards section is pretty stacked, with prizes galore and more to come.  I snatched up a "Six Panel Cinema" reward, which will soon take form dramatically retelling Weird Al's magnum opus "UHF" in six small panels.

- I was pleasantly surprised to find a review of the recent Teddy and the Yeti's Back! mini issue over at the Comics Bulletin website.  Felicity Gustafson took a look at the issue and pretty much said that she thought it was funny, which is all I can ask for.  There are scans from the book and everything - it's really quite flattering.  Check it out at!

- My brother-in-law and his wife recently returned from a trip to Spain, and they brought back some treats in the form of Spanish-language comics!  The highlight was a copy of Fantastic Four #584, co-published by foreign language big dog Panini Comics.

It was fun to see this issue of the FF and learn that "Fantasticar" in Spanish is "El Fantasticar".  Awesome.

- And speaking of the Fantastic Four, yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the day that FF #1 went on sale in 1961.  As such, Marvel released this teaser image along with the date "November 2011":

Wh-wh-what could it mean??  It boggles the mind.

- Lastly, the wait is over and a new episode of the popular web series "Franks and Beans" is finally out.  This 53rd episode titled "Distraction Reaction" has even got Beast Wars in it, so you know it must be great.  Well, I suppose that doesn't implicitly prove that it's great, but...just trust me.  And watch it.

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