Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pictures from the Baltimore Comic-Con, part 2

Here's more pictures from the recently concluded Baltimore Comic-Con!  I didn't realize how many great costumes I saw, but...here's the evidence.

Ah, the obligatory "I'm very sad behind the booth" picture.  IT NEVER GETS OLD!!

This steampunked gentleman is Nate Taylor, which sounds like a pseudonym but is perhaps his real name.  Here he points to his walking stick...

...and here he blatantly promotes Teddy and the Yeti after buying the whole set.  Awesome.

The banner kept its new vinyl smell all weekend!  And I appreciated it.

This picture doesn't do this Batman costume justice.  This guy said that he worked on his costume on and off for two years.  It looked like he could actually go out and fight crime after the show.

This is quite the staged photo...both I and artist Ken Hunt (at the booth sketching all weekend!) are looking good.

This Deadpool stayed in character the entire time I saw him, which was cool.  Domino behind him looks good, too.

This is quite possibly the most impressive Hulk costume I've ever seen.  The person inside stood on platforms and was probably over seven feet tall.  I'm not sure if the Hulk is supposed to be battle-damaged or if it's a zombie Hulk, but either way it's a fantastic outfit.  I hear that an Optimus Prime won Saturday's costume contest, but I'm not sure how it beat out this guy.

A great Scott Pilgrim themed outfit!  It's simple but spot-on.

Officer Rick Grimes.  Good stuff.

I've still got more pictures...and I'll show them.  But not now!  Soon.

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