Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pictures from the New York Comic Con, part 2

Here are some more scintillating pictures from the New York Comic Con.  The show is now...what, three weeks old?  But it's still relevant, I say!  Just go with it.

Obviously, there were a lot of great costumes at the show.  This guy did a nice job with the right hand of doom.  Oh, wait!  They both have gloves on of some sort!  I just got that!!

Not all of the awesome things people wore were costumes.  I gotta get me one of these Frankenberry shirts.

It took forever to find this guy!

I waited in line for a couple hours to see both Jackson Public (left) and Doc Hammer (center), creators of the Venture Bros., but it was worth it!  Each of us is looking at something different in this picture, which I think is fitting.

"Who do you think I'm supposed to be?", this guy asked as I stood next to him to get this picture.  "Reed Richards", I answered, and it seemed pretty obviously at the time.  He was skinny and a bit bendy, and the hair, I thought, matched.  He was a little put off by my answer.  "No, I'm Johnny", he said.  Sure, buddy.  Sure.

A shot from the floor.

After the show on Saturday, we stopped at the famous Gray's Papaya hot dog shop and had...a hot dog.  We figured that they must be expecting the recession to go on for quite a while to buy a neon sign advertising their special.  And check out the cab in the front!  Perfect framing.

More to come!

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