Thursday, October 7, 2010

artist alley

The New York Comic Con - the show that I've been staying up late to get ready for every day this week - begins tomorrow, and it promises to be a really fun time.  If I make it out alive with all my wits, I think I'll call it a win...not that I don't have higher hopes about getting Teddy and the Yeti in front of a broader audience if I can.

Duane Redhead, superstar artist on Teddy and the Yeti, will unfortunately not be able to make it to this show (booooo!) - it's on another continent for him, so go easy on the fella.  But take heart!  Today I managed to get in touch with the supremely talented Danny Cruz (his Conan-esque art is above), and I'm happy to say that Danny will be on hand at the Wagon Wheel Comics booth this weekend.  Danny has a broad, epic feel to his work, and I look forward to getting to sit down and chatting with him over the next few days - and I'll be sure to twist his arm a little and try to get him to contribute to my Thing sketch book (which is approaching legendary status).

If anyone reading this blog is making his or her way to the show this weekend, stop by the booth and say hello!  Pick up a copy of Teddy and the Yeti and get a quick sketch from Danny.  There will be snacks.  Oh, there will be snacks.

Check out more of Danny's artwork at his deviantART page!

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