Monday, October 4, 2010

Paper Heroes

Xavier Gale-Sides of the great site "My Paper Heroes" got in touch with me today with the exciting picture you see above - he's made custom Teddy and the Yeti paper heroes!  Each figure is printed out on paper and needs to be cut out, folded, and taped together to create the three dimensional object that looks oh so cool.  Ted stands about six inches high, with the Yeti a bit taller.

I'm making my own (of course) and bringing them to the New York Comic Con (happening sooooon).  Once Xavier has them up on his site to download, I'll post a link on this site and EVERYONE CAN MAKE THEIR OWN!  Seriously, that would be awesome.  Anyway, I'll have patterns printed out at the convention table for anyone who wants to grab one (maybe they'll be like a dollar or something).  It's like a model and an action figure rolled into one.  And it's 100% the best thing I've seen in my inbox all day.

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Sara said...

I can confidently add that these are actually fun to make. I tried my hand at it and if I ever see anyone selling some of these at a con, I would SPEND $1 AND BUY THE PRINT OUT (heck, I might even spend 2 or 3 dollars) to make my own!!!