Friday, October 22, 2010

Interview with Swass-Cast at the New York Comic Con

Day one of Xcon World is behind us, and while we wait for what is sure to be a fun Saturday at the show, here's a gem from the New York Comic Con.  While chatting with the folks at the Fubar booth, Jeff McComsey, Dominic Vivona and I were subjected to an impromptu interview regarding the book and, more specifically, WWII General George Patton.  In the video I'm embedding below, you can find us around the 8:10 mark.  It's something to see, for sure.

Keep in mind that throughout this video there's some fairly harsh language.  If you're not the type for bad words...well, I might consider skipping this round.

I'm so glad the camera caught me putting the helmet on.  And yes, fervent viewers - my answers were obviously quite awesome.

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