Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pictures from the New York Comic Con, part 1

It's time to look at some pictures from last week's New York Comic Con!  There was lots of fun to be had, plenty of costumes, and a good number of visitors to the Wagon Wheel booth - if you're one of them and are new to the blog, thanks for stopping by!  Now let's put a few images up on display!

So there I am, minding my own business at the booth, and who do I run in to but the Yeti!  Well, "a" yeti, anyway.  This fellow was promoting a new Animal Planet show (of all things), but he was generous enough to stop to take this picture.  I went for a crazed look in this picture, and I'm glad it turned out well.

Outside of the Javits Center on a sold-out Saturday morning.

There were so many Venture Bros. characters running around the convention (it helped that there was a VB panel and signing with creators Jackson Public and Doc Hammer).  These two were great - I hope that henchmen end up replacing Stormtroopers eventually (but I'm not holding my breath).

Part of the booth setup: a new wire comic rack that doubled as a crochet Yeti holder.  The Yeti dolls were a big hit!

I had to take a picture to prove that someone was willing to pay money for Franks and Beans.  I repeat: SOMEONE WAS WILLING TO PAY MONEY FOR FRANKS AND BEANS!  This cannot be understated.  Also, we both decided to wear Jane Cobb hats from Firefly.  This guy obviously knows his stuff.

I spent some time at the FUBAR booth with Jeff McComsey and friends, and was around to be interviewed by the guy in the Captain America hat.  I'll post a video of the interview soon - it's something to see, for sure.

After the show on Saturday night, Dave Ryan of "War of the Independents" fame threw a party at a nearby Irish pub.  Great times!  Gordon Gano and the Ryans played and I met some cool people.

...aaaand afterwards Larry, dressed up as Lion-O, got some pictures taken at Times Square.

Let's stop there for now!  I'll post more pictures soon.


Bo Duke said...

Maybe the best pic ever taken of me. Epic

Jeff said...

The guy with the photobomb in the back is pretty good, too.