Sunday, October 1, 2017

Let's look at some Tick original art!

I've managed to get a few pages of Tick original art this year, so the time has finally come to post some images. 

First up is an inked page from The Tick Local Comic Shop Day 2016 Special #1, which came out last November. Jeff McComsey helped ink the first few pages of the book, and I grabbed the first one from him.

This might be my favorite panel from any of the Tick stories I've worked on.

Jeff inked over a blue line printout of Duane Redhead's pencils. I think they look really good together.

The next page is, I think, pretty impressive - it's from the second issue of Tick: Karma Tornado, the Tick's second series.

This page was written by Jackson Publick of Venture Bros. fame, and it features a whole lotta characters. It was pencilled by Bill Neville and inked by Dave Garcia. I was surprised to see that the word balloons weren't hand lettered, as the previous series had been.

The first post-Edlund story had The Tick being whisked away to participate in some intergalactic games with other Earth luminaries.

These included, naturally, a tyrannosaurus rex.

Next up is a page from the new Tick series, with art by Douglas Paszkiewicz! I met Douglas this year at Comic-Con in San Diego, and I was lucky enough to purchase my favorite page from the new series.

The Tick and Arthur are on this page a total of six times each! A Tick for every season!

The page is slightly smaller than a regular comic art board. And I enjoy the ink around the border, too! Douglas obviously spent a lot of time with this page.

Next are two pages from Bob Polio, long-time art director on The Tick. Bob drew a two-page backup story for the 2017 Comic-Con Special, and I was able to talk him out of both pages.

Bob created these characters, "The Tick and Artie", a while ago. This is the first story of theirs in quite some time.

Bob also painted this lovely piece for me, featuring the whole Tick and Artie cast. It really came out well.

Lastly, I grabbed this page from Ian Chase Nichols at the end of the show. This is one of my favorite Tick pages from any story I've drawn. It appeared in the 2016 Free Comic Book Day Special.

This is the first page of a three-page story, "Tick, P.I.". For anyone taking notes, this is the first appearance of about a dozen characters.

I have a special place in my heart for See-Through Tick.

This poster doesn't really fit into the original art category, but what the heck - I'm posting a picture of it anyway. This is the poster I got at the Tick cast signing right before the panel at Comic-Con. Everyone signed it! How neat!

A lot of people at the show were asking about buying some original Ben Edlund Tick pages. Get in line, folks. Maybe one day.

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