Sunday, October 15, 2017

Original Marvel Two-in-One artwork!

A few weeks ago, I picked up a signature piece for my original art collection - a page of artwork from Marvel Two-in-One #45!

Marvel Two-in-One #45 features a team-up between the Thing and Marvel's original Captain Marvel.

Artwork on this page is from Alan Kupperberg and Mike Esposito.

There's a lot going on in this page, with the Thing riding a flying...ghost car...about what appears the be the Brooklyn Bridge.

What I love about this page is that the Thing appears in technically every panel...including (I guess) the last panel, in which he's splashing down into the river.

The back of the page has a couple markings on it, including the name of the pencil and ink artist, and the original cost of the page, a minuscule 25 bucks! (I paid slightly more for it.)

Some of the legal information appears at the bottom of the page, which lets us all know that this page is currently 39 years of age.

Here's a sign of that age: one of the word balloons - which was originally added in after the artwork was completed but before publication (I guess the Thing needed another quip) - is loose. I'll need to think of a safe way to reattach it so I don't lose it.

Until then, though, I have the opportunity to do this whenever something bothers me. Works for now!

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