Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Pictures from the 2017 Comic-Con International, part 5: Saturday, 7/22

Here are some pictures from Saturday at Comic-Con! This was another big day, as Saturdays tend to be.

The day started out at the New England Comics booth, where Ian Nichols and I signed some books and waited for the big guns to arrive. Other people hung around, including the Mad Bomber What Bombs at Midnight, which is such a cool costume that I can barely wrap my head around it...

Not too long after the hall opened, Ben Edlund and Griffin Newman came to sign at the booth. Ian and I got a quick picture with Ben before clearing out. This was such a big weekend for The Tick, and I'm glad that I got to see Ben briefly to tell him how excited I was for everything.

A few other Tick luminaries came to the booth around this time, like the wonderful Yara Martinez, "Ms. Lint" on the show. Ms. Lint steals every scene she's in. What a fantastic character.

I also had a chance to chat for a few moments with Michael Cerveris, who plays Ramses IV!

There was a nice crowd at the booth, so eventually I headed elsewhere and saw some more great costumes. Here's Wonder Woman with Etta Candy!

I wonder how Hela managed to fit through doorways with that headpiece on. This was a really impressive costume.

Samurai Iron Man and regular Shredder, who I guess is also a samurai.

Here's movie Thor and Loki!

I spent some time at the Bongo booth tying to talk to some people there when I ran into Patric Verrone, writer and producer on my favorite show of all time, Futurama! I had talked with him a few times before, but this was the first time I was able to meet him in person. He had just bought some original Dr. Seuss artwork(!). At the end of our conversation, Patric did me a gigantic favor, which I'll write about soon.

Stormtrumpers. All right.

It wouldn't be Comic-Con without at least one really monstrous costume. Hulkbuster Iron Man always attracts a crowd.

This absolutely wins "best group costume" for me. Krang is the icing on the cake.

Here's original Gamora, complete with weird skull codpiece.

I'm always impressed at anyone who can make Leela's giant eye work.

Soon after seeing Leela, Phil Lamarr, who voiced Hermes on Futurama, walked by. I was able to leap over the table (almost) and grab a picture with him.

The show ended for the day soon after, and it was off to Petco Park for a special Rick and Morty screening.

Everything about this Summer Smith costume is incredible. She got a picture with the voice actor who plays the character later on this evening.

I waited in line for a long, long time to get into the stadium. The Rickmobile had closed down and Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland were addressing the crowd. They screened the first episode of the third season this night to a boisterous crowd.

These inflatables, positioned in the "park" section of the ballpark, were bigger than the picture seems to indicate.

Inflatable Morty was getting pulled away by a tentacle monster. People soon used them to sit on.

Afterwards, it was time to walk back across the bridge to the convention center parking lot. A nice opportunity for a panoramic night shot of the convention center and surrounding area.

I don't know why I get one of these every year - the convention center looks exactly the same - but I do.

And here's the other angle, back toward Petco Park.

This movie Batman had a light-up costume. Cool.

One more day to go for Comic-Con. I'll post again soon!

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