Sunday, October 22, 2017

Pictures from the 2017 Comic-Con International, part 6: Sunday, 7/23

Even Comic-Con must theory, at least. Professional registration for 2018 was bumped up to the beginning of October this time around (it's usually in the spring), which is just madness! I was able to snag my badge for next year, so we can all look forward to seeing more of these pictures on this blog, the blog of Comic-Con pictures. Below are from Sunday, the final day of the show!

The SpongeBob pineapple in the background matches these "Average Joes" uniforms almost perfectly! I'm kind of surprised that the movie "Dodgeball" has achieved minor cult status. It might be the only Ben Stiller movie I really enjoy!

Lego, as always, had some impressive displays. Here's robot-hand-Star-Wars-guy! That is his official name.

And here's a really cool Thor: Ragnarok display, just in time for the movie!

This Bender costume looks like a mass-produced Halloween costume. Can it be true? Is this available in stores?

I haven't spent much time outside of Comic-Con in the past few years - or at least, I haven't spent as much time as I'd like. The crowds are just getting more plentiful and it's been pretty warm in recent years as well. But, as in years past, I get the desire to walk outside on Sunday as I feel the convention starting to ebb. Cartoon Network has been putting these and similar balloons out in recent years. I guess that's they're thing.

I probably miss the Adult Swim on the Green event more than anything else outside. This activity zone more than any other has gotten too crowded to visit without an hours-long wait involved. It's hard to justify waiting so long just to enter the area, so I haven't seen much of it in the past two years. The carnival-style games were fun, but not worth the time drain and the inevitable sunburn that it would take. Maybe next year!

I have to wonder if this is the same person who wore the dessert car in previous years. Regardless, I enjoy this Back to the Future costume, complete with Einstein!

The makers of the new X-Men television show bought the ad space on the adjacent parking garage this year. I wonder who those day actors are?

Across the train tracks from the convention was some giant gorilla bones to promote the most recent King Kong movie.

I wouldn't put it past Conan O'Brien to actually be in one of these outfits at some point.

With only a few hours to go, I decided to visit the Tick activation site one last time. This time I got to visit the viewing booth, which streamed the pilot on a loop and offered up shade and a comfy seat.

I can't say enough about this whole ensemble. How surreal it was to see all of this set up. Amazon put its full weight behind The Tick. Incredible.

I stopped for the photo op as well. Just a little more to your left.

They started tearing all this down at about 5:01, as the show ended. Gimme some of that scaffolding!

After getting some swag from the Tick site, I made one last pass along the convention floor. People dress up until the bitter end for this thing.

I spent the last hour or so at the New England Comics booth, where I found someone (not me) drawing some Tick artwork, based on Duane's cover to the 2017 FCBD book. He added the "K" to the title afterwards, don't worry.

5:00 rolled around and that was it for Comic-Con 2017. NEC art director Bob Polio commemorated the event.

I'm always amazed at how quickly everything comes down. I imagine that the carpet gets rolled up and tossed into the ocean or something.

I'm sure people find things to complain about, but considering its size and scope, Comic-Con International is the best run big show out there. They always do a great job.

On the way out, around 6:00, I saw this Ghostbuster and dog/marshmallow combo outside the convention hall. Was she waiting out there all day, or did she just decide that she didn't get enough Comic-Con? I understand the feeling.

One more round of pictures to wrap this all up. And then it'll be on to more pictures from another show. Yeah!

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